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About the products

White Gum Wool yarns are made from 17-micron, superfine “Saxon” merino wool.  This is the calibre of wool used in the finest of Italian men’s suiting, and gives an amazing softness and handle to the yarn. 

Colours in the White Gum Wool range are inspired by the landscape where the wool is grown.  WGW is naturally bright white, nearly snowy.  We often get spectacular, dark storm clouds in our part of Tasmania, and the deep indigo of Storm reflects that.  Flame is named after the tiny, bright flame robin who lights up the sere winter landscape with his colour and lively, inquisitive nature.  Gum Grey is just one of many colours in the striated bark of the white gums.  Wild orchid is named after a tiny endangered greenhood orchid, pterostylis ziegeleri, that is found in two of my paddocks.  There are a number of sedges on the property, in seasonal creeks and soaks.  The colour Sedge is named after the threatened curly sedge, carex tasmanica, which also grows on the property.  Finally, ironstone is the common local name for dolerite soils, which cover about half of the property and support most of the native ecosystems.

In November, the new colours in 4- and 8-ply arrived!  Fairy wren, after the bright blue harbinger of spring; flax lily, a deep, bright purple; hawthorn–a true crimson inspired by hawthorn berries against grey, winter bare branches; peachberry, after the elusive, ground-hugging peachberry heath; everlasting, a warm yellow inspired by the daisies that cover the hill slopes in spring; and quarrystone, a dark grey to complement the lighter gum grey.

The chunky bouclé has now arrived!  Five colours:  Peachberry, Fairy wren, Quarrystone, Natural and a new silvery green–Silver wattle. 

A NOTE ON COLOURS ON THE SCREEN–there is just no telling how accurately your screen will reproduce the actual colour of the yarn.  I’d strongly recommend that you request a sample card–I know, I’m not much on delayed gratification either, but at least if you see the real deal, it’s more likely to be gratification when you do get it!

A NOTE ON “PLY”:  I’m old enough that 4-ply and 8-ply are terms that feel familiar.  However, terminology and technology have moved on, and my “4-ply” and “8-ply”, corresponding to “fingering” and “double knit”, are actually made by spinning a 115 tex/1 then twisting it two-fold for the 4-ply or four-fold for the 8-ply.   The bouclé is made by a completely different process–a softly spun thick core is twisted with a fine thread (both made from White Gum Wool fibre, so 100% superfine wool).   The bouclé is comparable to about a 10 ply in weight, though very light and fluffy.  ”Squishy” is my favourite description.

Sample cards

DSCN6949 - Version 2

Sample card has all of the colours in both the 4- and 8-ply yarn, and the boucle

Yarn Sample Card available on request.

Fleece and top samples available on request.

Please add your postal address below and which samples you would like posted to you.

Yarn 8-ply

AU$24.50  (+ GST in Australia) per 100 g

8-ply (double knit) 100 g: 236 m.  Tension: 22 st/30 rows for 10 x 10 cm square on 4 mm needles.  Hand wash, dry flat, medium iron, dry cleanable


Yarn 4-ply

AU$24.50  (+ GST IN AUSTRALIA) PER 100 G

4-ply (fingering weight) 100 g: 472 m.  Tension: 28 st/36 rows for 10 x 10 cm square on 3.25 mm needles.  Hand wash, dry flat, medium iron, dry cleanable

Yarn Bouclé

AU$24.50  (+ GST IN AUSTRALIA) PER 100 G

Bouclé 100 g: 154 m.  Tension 13 st/20 rows for 10 x 10 cm square on 6 mm needles.  Hand wash, dry flat, medium iron, dry cleanable

Kits, patterns and accessories


I’m working on pattern support.  Justine Turner (justjussi and Justine Turner Studio) created the Scamander Cowl (see kits below) for White Gum Wool, and has also used WGW in her “Harriet” cardigan.  Georgie Hallam (tikki knits) is working on a new pattern for WGW, and in the meantime has specified WGW for her “Tully” cardigan.  Others have used WGW for a number of existing patterns.  Check out the Ravelry website, and search for White Gum Wool under yarns.  You’ll need to join Ravelry, but trust me, it is absolutely worth it to see what other people are doing.  And it’s not a commercial site, in the usual sense.  It really is a community of knitters, crocheters, yarnies and pattern designers.

Scamander Cowl by JustJussi  AU$42.00 (+ GST in Australia)

This beautiful cowl pattern was created just for White Gum Wool by well-known New Zealand designer JustJussi http://www.justjussi.com in her adult range, Justine Turner Studio.  The kit includes the printed pattern, yarn (your choice of colour), Brittany Birch needles (sustainably grown), crochet hook, darning needle and yarn threader—everything you need to sit down and start knitting!  And the kit comes in a knitting bag that is custom-made in Tasmania by Over the Moon Australia, to keep all the bits together.  You will be saving 30% on the full retail value.

Scamander kit background 

Combed top

Combed top:  AU$13.60 (+ GST in Australia) per 100 g


Merino greasy fleece, per kg AU$40  (+ GST IN AUSTRALIA)

Wholesale and bulk retail prices on request

Please drop us a line via the form below if you are interested in becoming a wholesaler.

Retailers and Independent Dyers and Knitters

I encourage you to buy from a retailer if there is one near you.  That will give you the chance to see and feel the yarn, and also support your local companies. 

In Tasmania:

The Stash Cupboard, 159 Liverpool St, Hobart. 03 6234 1219

Salamanca Wool Shop, 69 Salamanca Place, Hobart.  03 6234 1711

Tasmanian Wool Centre, 48 Church St, Ross. 03 6381 5466

In Wellington NZ:

Holland Road Yarn Company 281 Jackson St, Petone 5012, New Zealand +64 4-891 0760

Looking for WGW multi-coloured art yarns?  Try these independent dyers who use White Gum yarns as a base: Augustbird,  Anais Yarn, Colour By Me/tres/Miss Jane Knits.

Independent knitters: Emma at Em’s Knits is a boutique knitter specialising in children’s seamless garments.  White Gum Wool is her preferred yarn.